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BeitragThema: Surmise   Di Apr 22, 2008 7:32 pm

Surmise is the title for me and my colleague's machinima. There is no trailer yet but I made a cool animation with the title. It will probably be our link for forums or hbo. Nevertheless it's some pretty neat eye-candy.

A little slow but it will do. Anyways I have the script ready and it's really long even with very small font (10 pt).

The story is below if you have time on your hands..... It's still in beta because my colleague has not checked it over yet. I'm sure he'll like it.

This is a story that begins with three men, and ends with two totally different men. The death of the three protagonists starts at the very beginning of the story. The year is 2561. The “fight” has been finished and Earth’s planetary defense has reinforced itself with an addition to the SPARTAN II project. However, some humans, because of the Spartans’ poor treatment, ended there service and rebelled against Earth. The starting protagonists begin trying to eliminate the entire hostile force, not being sensible of the fact that the men were brutal. The main character “Mac” flees away after the Spartan blood of his two fellows spilt upon enemy hands. Mac is actually a very lucky guy; despite the fact his two friends were deceased. His service continued against the savages saying he will fight the rebels, the rebels’ children, and the rebels’ childrens’ children, until the day he dies. He is given totally new partners; making him remember the days he had with his dynamic trio. This side of the story shows a whole different view of selflessness. Mac gives it all to his teammates, and is successful. However, once again the rebels put up a good fight, as they are low on forces due to the faithful work from the Spartans. Mac decides to sacrifices himself for his two partners, the opposite of what happened in the beginning. This dramatic irony concludes with the three men reunited elsewhere.
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BeitragThema: Re: Surmise   Mi Apr 23, 2008 5:38 am

cool, and i like the animation!

Merzbow schrieb:
I want to make silence by my Noise. Maybe, that is a fascist way of using sound.
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