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 The Man's Cookbook

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BeitragThema: The Man's Cookbook   Di Mai 20, 2008 3:46 pm

Have you ever gotten up late at night with a ferocious growling belly? You walk to the kitchen, pull out some random things, and combine them. Pretty soon you have the best midnight snack in the world.

So I now present to you...
A collaboration of the many food inventions by men.

Post all of your food inventions here.


Name: The Triple Meat & Cheese Hazer.
Description: A sammich so good, you are almost choking on it in the midst of the night. Contains 3 meats and two slices of american cheese, all cooked to a crispy golden brown.
8 pieces of Sliced Cooked Turkey (Just any ol' packaged turkey you can get at the supermarket)
1 or 2 pieces of Sliced Cooked Ham (Not just any ol' packaged Ham, a hand sliced {a good 1/2 centimeters thick} piece of meat. None of that sissy stuff. 1
Broughtwurst cooked to a light black with steak seasoning and sliced into thin long strips.
American Cheese (Get it at any supermarket pre-sliced in little packages)
2 slices of toasted bread.
Instructions: Put your bread into any toaster on medium for about 4 minutes while you prepare your meat. Get two plates out and put all of your meat on one. Put one slice of ham on the plate, then proceed to put your first 4 slices of turkey on, put any variant of broughtwurst on top, then put the other slices of turkey on. Put he last of the broughtwurst on that, then the last slice of ham. Insert your cheese on the first 4 slices of turkey you put on, put the other slice of cheese on top of the stack. If your toasted bread is finished by then, then just leave them in the toaster and put a cloth on top to keep it warm. Put the meat stack in the microwave (On a plate! This will get messy!) for 40 seconds to a minute depending on your microwave wattage.
Get a spatula out and wait for the meat to be cooked. After the meat is done take your bread out of the toaster and lay it out on the other plate. Use the spatula to reach under the meat stack and maneuver it onto one slice of toasted bread. Remove the spatula afterwards. Put the other slice of bread on top of the stack and press down (There's air released by the broughtwurst in the stack that may splatter hot cheese in your face!) ot get rid of the trapped air in the sandwich.

Thats my cookbook, what's yours? Very Happy


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BeitragThema: Re: The Man's Cookbook   Di Mai 20, 2008 4:10 pm

Sounds delicious... here's mine:

WarHampster's epic crunchy cheesy munchy yummbleton thingy!

Description - a cracker sammich for people that love cheese (like me Smile)

Ingredients -
Crackers (of any kind, as long as they're yummbly)
Goat cheese (same as crackers)
Chorizo (a yummbly Mexican sausage)
Cornishons (munchy pickle things)
Salami (mmm...)

Instructions -

1. Cut two thin pieces of salami spread some of the goat cheese on one side of them.
2. Stick a cracker to the cheesy side of each salami slice.
3. Put goat cheese on the crackers.
4. Chop the chorizo into little bits, and spread them out on top of the crackers.
5. Do the same with the cornishons.
6. Top both crackers off with the rest of the goat cheese, and then put them together to make a sandwich.
7. MUNCH! mmmmm.....

To be consumed with olives, caviar, and perhaps a glass of red wine.


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The Man's Cookbook
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