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 Dreams Thread

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BeitragThema: Dreams Thread   Di Jul 21, 2009 10:12 am

Ever had a weird dream? Yes, you have, now tell me what it is or go drown yourself in acidic sewage.

Me first: Last night I had a dream that I was playing Fallout 3 (but everything was wrong; society was still alive, and everything was functioning and it was futuristic. Basically it wasn't Fallout 3 at all, but my mind just titled it Fallout 3). Apparently I was flying a plane around the Capitol after giving people a tour in this futuristic building, and I was about to land, but I missed the runway so I had to go around the city again. I must've been frustrated, because at that moment, I announced "You know what? I don't feel like living anymore," and proceeded to crash myself into the nearest building. Then I realized "Shit, I was playing on strict mode so now I have to start the entire game over."

I still don't know why my mind titled it Fallout 3, but I started over and the only part that was right was that I was in the Wasteland. But everything else was still wrong: I started by getting pulled out of a shack by a leg monster that was really muscly and had a mouth on its crotch and it was about to eat me, but I fell down an elevator shaft where I met the clan of Fallout 3 (I dunno where the fuck my mind came up with this, really) and they decided to give me my previous pilot status back. Then I woke up.

I know you're thinking "lolwut" but I bet you guys have had weirder dreams. Tell them.

I wasn't asking.
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BeitragThema: Re: Dreams Thread   Di Jul 21, 2009 10:43 am

It's to bad that ahr2nd is at camp, he is has lots of really weird dreams (that usually have to do with killing half our town).

I don't really dream (or just can't remember my dreams)... when I do they seems to just be made up of random flashing images, usually composed of Quake monsters, Fallout 3 bobble-heads, and Sega Saturns.

Merzbow schrieb:
I want to make silence by my Noise. Maybe, that is a fascist way of using sound.
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Dreams Thread
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