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 Malestorm Dev

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BeitragThema: Malestorm Dev   So Dez 16, 2007 2:03 pm

WarHampster schrieb:
12/10/07 - mmmkay, there will only be three classes available at the start of the game, i will probably make it so you can buy new classes in the game though. Also, i've changed the code a little, without going into tons of detail basically i made it so every time your character sprite appears (which is allot) the computer doesn't have to check what class you are and then create the right sprite. Instead i made it so the class name is a string so the computer just creates the sprite that is the same name as the string. It sound s really simple but i've cut out like half of the code in the you_keydown method which should hopefully make the game run faster. whew.

1218/07- Screw the inventory system i've been working on, it takes to long and is making the game about 30% slower.


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Malestorm Dev
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