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BeitragThema: Marathon?   Mo März 31, 2008 9:43 pm

I was thinking of making a Halo map for Marathon, but then the weirdest idea came over me.

Halo + Marathon's graphics = FAIL
Marathon + Halo's graphics = Very Happy

I am of for some help, with some people that could do PMI and model for me. Or even a couple skinners that have Halo : Combat Evolved. The mod will be themed after the lolfail marathon scenario "Marathon : The Chilron", Taking place on "The Maw" last level of Halo.

PMI of the Marine from any level.
Skins and a remodel of the player (Puffed up silver visor, all around head. Puffed up blue shoulders, all around neck. BOOTS)
Brown hands with straps.
Remodel of assault rifle (No ammo counter & such) made to look like the Marathon 2 assault rifle along with a silver skin.
Remodel of Pistol (Just an addition of a scope & blue skin)
Skin of HUD (Green) along with new weapon icons.

Any takers? You will be included in the credits for helping even the smallest bit.


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Site Admin

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BeitragThema: Re: Marathon?   Di Apr 01, 2008 5:39 am

hmmm... are you sure that the marine biped isn't already in the maw? i never modded that level so i don't know. I'll boot up my stone age computer and try to PMI it if its not. I suck at skinning though... actually we could probably take the original skins from marathon.

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