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Site Admin
Site Admin

Männlich Number of posts : 4841
Age : 26
Location : My Stately Pleasure-Dome
User Title : The People's Admin
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Registration date : 20.11.06

BeitragThema: THE MODS RULES   THE MODS RULES EmptyMo Nov 20, 2006 3:31 pm

The WarHampster mod team rules:

These are basicly the same as the Halo Mods rules, but I'd just like to make a few things clear:

-NO flaming
-NO saying anything that would be offensive
-NO animated sigs
-NO sigs bigger than 500 pixels by 120 pixels
-NO doing anything you should not do. (use common sense)

If I catch you doing any of those things, I will PM you a warning. If its really bad, I'll ban you on the spot. OoOoO

Feel free to PM me with questions.

The Modding Rules:

Your post MUST have a mod to download, post modding questions in the questions forum. You MUST have at least two pictures of your mod or
I will delete it. The modd MUST be in PPF format unless it is a rebuilt map, model, or .jpg skin. ONLY MAC MODS ALLOWED!!!

Here are some warnings (moderators may follow these).

Strike One- Not all that serious, you may have been caught flaming, or something of that nature. You will receive a pm from the Moderator/Junior Admin/Admin that put you on Strike 1 explaining why. (Note: Once you get a strike, you have it, and its not going away, so DON'T go crying about it trying to get rid of it)

Strike Two- This will happen if you have received a strike one and continue to flame, spam, ect. You will once again receive a pm from the Moderator/Junior Admin/Admin that caught you, and you can consider yourself on PROBATION. You will receive an automatic 2 day ban for this.

Strike Three- You're out of here! The admin will call up a few Moderators/Junior Admins/Admins and discuss your case, you WILL get banned, may it be temporary or permanent. It is all up to them on the length, it may be 24 hours, or 2 years, it all depends on what you have done

Here are some General Rules

* Do not Flame another user.
- Flaming is attacking the user, not their mod/picture/etc.
* Do not threaten another user.
* Do not post any leaked files.
* No posting warez or cracks of any kind
* Do not spam people’s topics or their PM box
- Spam includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards
* Do not overuse:
- Emoticons
- Line breaks or ALL-CAPS;
- Giant fonts with ugly colours
- Swearing or derogatory terms.
* No saying, "woot first post" or anything related to having the first post, 100th post, or any number
* No double posting, we are very lenient in this, but never double post in a thread begging for feed back
* No Bumping old topics, unless you have something important or worthwhile to say. Minimum wait time is one month for a bump of your/someones topic.
* No impersonating any users/moderators/administrators (no exceptions, and this IS a bannable offense)
* No ripping other users content and using it without proper permissions and credit. This includes models, skins, sounds, and anything not released to the public, by the creator.
* Do not use obscenities in this forum. We don't care if it's not in the profanity filter. No censor dodging.
* Do not troll or create inflammatory posts intended to anger other users.
* Do not post the same topic in multiple forums. (Tech Questions and Halo PC, etc.)
* Anything of a sexually explicit nature is not permitted on this forum. This includes nudity, genitalia, sexual intercourse and interactions, risqué clothing, and see-thru clothing; real or animated. (Instant Ban)
* Don't discuss things such as drugs or alcohol.
* No Viruses are to be Posted, this includes all invasive programs, such as spybot's, etc.
* Don’t ask questions in a non-help forum
* Don’t post Off-Topic replies
* Don’t post any degratory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity or nationality (which will be met with a swift ban)
* Going to the edge of any of these rules (for example, flaming, but not enough to get you in trouble on on specific occasion) multiple times over a long period of time is called being a jerk. Don't be a jerk or there will be consequences (i.e. a ban, either temporary or permanent based on each individual case)
* Recently, many spambots have been joining the forum. We ask that you do not respond to these spambots unless it is completely necessary. They are programmed to make topics, and that is it. Please do not tell them to leave, as they cannot respond to you and they are not an actual person. If you notice a link posted by a spambot contains a virus, please post. Please just report spambot advertisements when you see them.
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